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Catherine and Kirstie Fields

Identical twins Catherine and Kirstie Fields are unique.  Unique for the reason that they are the only two people on the planet with their particular neuromuscular condition.  So it has been called after them – Fields Condition.

fields twinUp until the age of about four, the identical twins were healthy and active children who certainly kept their mum and dad on their toes.

Then their parents began to see Kirstie occasionally stumble and after referral to a paediatrician a brain scan was carried out and she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.  As Catherine also seemed to be having the same problems it was assumed she had the same condition.

As the girls sadly continued to deteriorate, questions over their diagnosis re-surfaced. At seven years old, further tests were carried out; the results of which were presented to researchers in London who in turn sent them all over the world to try and find someone else who presented with the same symptoms.  No match was found.

They are now two beautiful seventeen year old young ladies who love shopping, clothes, watching DVDs and all the things that seventeen year olds love to do.  Except they are dependent on their wheelchairs to get around, have speech aids to help them communicate and depend almost entirely on their mum and dad for all their care.

With little outside help, parents Lynne and Chris were almost at the end of their tether so eventually they agreed to visit the hospice – just to see what it was like.

They came for their first stay in May of this year when they were completely spoiled and pampered.  The girls loved it and mum in particular found it strange to take a step back and allow someone else to tend to all the girls’ needs.

Fields twiins

Lynn has fond memories of that time.  “Tŷ Hafan is such a fantastic place.  We had mixed feelings about going to stay, but everyone made us feel so welcome.  We have only been to stay once for a weekend and already we feel part of the family.   You think of Tŷ Hafan as being a sad place for really ill children but it’s nothing like that.  Everyone is having fun and is happy and we can’t wait for our next visit.



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