Ty Hafan



School pupils will spend a week in March planning and preparing for a market where they will raise money for Tŷ Hafan.

In a special Monday morning assembly each class taking part will be loaned £10 to spend on supplies and printing. They will then be tasked with turning that money in to profit for charity.

This pupil led challenge will test their creativity, ingenuity and business acumen as they create a product or service of their choice in to a viable business in a week. For example; a class may decide to make bookmarks so the money will be spent on supplies. The children will then have to design and make the bookmarks and promote the market to staff, pupils and parents. They will then sell their product at their market on the
Friday afternoon at the end of the Enterprise week.

Importantly, the pupils will be responsible for their own success. They will have to plan, make and prepare their product, do the advertising and handle money when they sell their items.

Once the market is done, the school will receive their £10 loan back and profits will be added up by the children and donated to Tŷ Hafan. 


why tŷ hafan?

Tŷ Hafan is a leading Welsh children's charity which provides comfort, care and support to children with life-limiting conditions, along with their families. Through our vibrant hospice and diverse community programmes, we offer families short-break care and help them make the most of the time they have together; creating precious memories and ensuring a short life is a full life.

And when a child is close to the end of their life, Tŷ Hafan becomes a family's safe haven, by their side during their most difficult time and for as long as they need us.

We've provided this service, free of charge, for the last 21 years. Now with advancements in medicine and technology, we're looking to make our hospice future proof. Our refurbishment will help us be there for the next 20 years. 


The school schedule is pretty busy in March, can we do it another time?

Of course you can, this is entirely up to you. We've looked at March because most school timetables suit this, but there's no time limit on this project. You can do it each year if you like!

We've done it, where do we send the money? 

You can either send a cheque payable to Tŷ Hafan to Hayes Road, Sully CF64 5XX, you can pay it in via our website wwww.tyhafan.org/donate or you can get in touch to make a direct to bank payment.

Can parents top up the amount given to the students?

Unfortunately not! Part of running a successful business is budgeting. The children need to make sure they're not spending all of their profits. Plus it makes it fair if they're all spending the same amount - it's the best way to evaluate their success!

We'd like to take part, but can someone from Tŷ Hafan come and talk to the assembly?

We would love to go to every school, but we can't guarantee that at all. We have a lovely group of volunteers, but they're not always available. Please do get in touch if you'd really like somewhere there and we'll do what we can, but we can't guarantee anything. What we can do though is send you information you can use in your assembly.