Ty Hafan

#family friday

10-year-old’s birthday fundraiser

My name is Ellis and for my 10th birthday party I planned a pool party for my class in school. As I usually have lots of presents from friends and family for my birthday, I thought it would be a good idea to donate some money instead of having presents this year. When my mum told me about fundraising, I thought it would be good to give the money to people who are less fortunate than me.

My mum suggested we give the money to Tŷ Hafan as we support them anyway and as I had spent time in hospital as a baby, my mum is keen to support local children's charities.

It made me feel happy to raise money for Tŷ Hafan because I hope this will help children who are not well.

As Ellis's mum, I am so pleased that Ellis is aware of how fortunate he is compared to so many other families and try to instil in him the desire to support and help those who are experiencing difficult circumstances.

Thank you to Tŷ Hafan for all they do.