Ty Hafan

#family friday

how to turn a £1 coat into a handbag


I started cutting out of a wool jacket I found at the Tŷ Hafan charity shop in Aberdare. It was on their clearance rail so only cost me £1!

I'm very cautious using second hand wool, so I put the jacket in a bin bag then put it into a drawer in my freezer for a few days to ensure there were no moths or eggs. I then washed it on a wool setting in my washing machine and dried it flat. The bright green shoulder pads disintegrated. Oops!

Then I cut the front panel out of the front of the jacket, keeping the original breast pocket as a feature. I added the jacket's original buttons back onto the front panel, using hot pink thread for a bit of an unexpected contrast.

I used an offcut of hot pink zip on the back pocket instead of piping. I love using zip teeth instead of piping – it’s a little bit quirky, but not too wacky! I also added thumb tabs to the top of the panels made from upholstery grade faux leather. The handles I bought for just £2 for the pair - they feel and smell like real leather.


I'm not usually one for mixing so many colours, but the wool had navy, brown, black and cream in it, so I figured I wasn't going to end up with a hideous bag by using the colours in the wool, even if it is three more colours than I would usually use!

I lined the bag with Kona Cotton in Coal and added a zip pocket, a slip pocket and what I call a 'frilly knickers' extra pocket.

Finally, I used antique brass cage feet I found online to secure a piece of plastic cutting board inside to give the bag a nice sturdy bottom!

I am thoroughly chuffed with my new bag!