Ty Hafan

#family friday

i’m no usain bolt – but tŷ hafan families inspire me to run london marathon

I have always enjoyed running but I am definitely no Usain Bolt – more of a milk float!! But sport has always been a part of my life.


As a child I was a member of the running club at Maindy stadium, which has continued through my life with me taking part in four half marathons. But running the London Marathon is proving so much more challenging for me; it’s huge and sometimes I cannot comprehend running for 26.2miles!

After achieving the 13 mile marker during training this year and feeling pretty pleased with myself, it suddenly struck me that on the day I have to do this all over again to achieve the 26 miles. It’s then that my legs started to wobble and the realisation of what I was embarking on hit me!

But being inspired to run it for Tŷ Hafan is what makes all the hard work and training easier. For me, working here at Tŷ Hafan is the best job ever, I feel honoured to be able to support the children and families create memories at a time that is so precious to them. It really is a privilege to work with the children and families first-hand and because of this I am driven, and it’s the reason behind setting myself this challenge.

The training has been going good, although illness and injury have had their moments. But what has kept me going through all winds and weather is knowing you are making some difference to the children and their families by raising the money to help them receive the continued support they need.

My family and friends have been amazing, such a support network, which has certainly made fundraising easier and they particularly enjoyed the Snail Race night at a local pub! They are still talking about it, as they never thought you could have so much fun watching snails race (animated of course!). It helped raise a lot of money which I am truly grateful for, as well as to my friends and colleagues at work who help me raise a huge amount by making and eating cakes over two days! Also thanks to the families here at Tŷ Hafan for their words of encouragement and kindness – you are all lovely people inside and out.

Talking of lovely people...my sister is also running the London Marathon and I am sure we will be such a great support to each other pounding the streets of London. But I don’t think we will be able to do our usual marathon chatting sessions, as all the breath we have will be needed to get us around!

I know it may sound strange to some people but I do get pleasure from running; just the feeling of opening your front door and setting off in to the distance where I do all my thinking, is kind of relaxing – although I am sure people would say there are easier ways to relax!

The fundraising for me has been more daunting than the training if I am honest, but with other events planned such as Cream Tea Afternoon, bag-packing, Bingo/Quiz night and a car boot sale, I hope to get to my target of £2,000 for such a special charity close to my heart.

As much as I have enjoyed the challenge so far, I am still counting down the days till 23 April, and just wonder after the event whether I will just hide my trainers at the back of the cupboard or keep setting myself challenges. At the moment, all I know is I am just proud to be part of Team Tŷ Hafan and thank everyone for their love, support and generosity from the bottom of my heart.