Ty Hafan

#family friday

super-sibs visit barry power station 

It was lovely to welcome Tŷ Hafan siblings and staff to Barry Power Station this summer, coinciding with World Environment Day.

The children arrived at the station where they were all given a site induction and were split into two groups, who took turns to paint an environmental mural on the conference room wall and have site tours of the power station.


The painting on the wall was a large tree with the children’s many different coloured hand prints making up the leaves, flowers and animals. During the power station tours, the children were shown how a power station operates and were encouraged to ask questions.

On arrival at the station the children were all asked to draw a picture of what they thought a power station looked like and then at the end of the day the children were asked to draw a picture of their memory of the day. Some lovely ideas were presented.

We all had lunch together in the main conference room and a cheque for £550 was presented, which was raised by identifying hazardous observations at the power station. Each time a hazardous observation is reported, an action is put in place to mitigate the hazard which results in a safer work place and fewer accidents.

At the end of the visit, all the children were given treat bags which contained seeds, bug boxes and windmills.

A great day was had by all the children and staff!