Ty Hafan

#family friday

swords in the air

The first thing that you are probably all asking yourselves is what is Katag?


Katag is a huge game of tag where two or more teams play with foam swords, lances and shields. To score a point for your team, you must put ‘out’ the opposing players by tagging them with your foam sword. Characters, scenarios and variations make Katag a fun and educational activity for players of all ages.

Katag can be played outside or inside so is an all-weather game. Imagination, sport and education – it’s a perfect match.

We wanted to come and work with the siblings of Tŷ Hafan to make sure that they feel as special as they are and they deserve to have some fun. Tŷ Hafan is an amazing charity with some brilliant staff who don’t just care for the young people but they support the whole family. They go above and beyond. We believe in Tŷ Hafan and want to educate people what it is truly about which is a place of joy, memory making and support. That is why Tŷ Hafan is so important to them and to us.


Being given the opportunity to spend sometime with the siblings of Tŷ Hafan is an honour. These children are some of the most wonderful children that you have ever met, even when facing the difficulties that they have to go through every day. Giving them a fun and memorable experience is something that we at Katag UK are excited to do and we hope that this is the start of a fantastic and fun relationship between us and Tŷ Hafan.

Katag UK

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