Ty Hafan

#family friday

a bird's eye view

In October 2015, Tŷ Hafan embarked on a major project with Costain/Vinci to upgrade our much loved memorial garden.


The current space has been incredibly important to Tŷ Hafan families. It provides a calm and tranquil environment to reflect, as well as a much-needed memorial to their loved ones.

The current garden was completed in 2001 and is sadly in need of an upgrade. And now was the perfect opportunity to work with our partners to improve the space and bring it up to date as there are some incredible innovations available which will transform our memorial garden.

memorial garden


The fly-by video above shows the scale of the project and gives an insight into what the new garden will provide our families. One of our favourite features will transpose the names of each child into Morse code before transforming them into bird song that will play in the garden.

Keep an eye out for more information as the project moves along.