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10k steps for 30 days challenge

take charge of your health and join our 10k steps for a 30 day challenge

What better way to blow away the Christmas cobwebs than by setting yourself a challenge in January?
Sign up today and help Tŷ Hafan make sure a short life is a full life.

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Join hundreds of other Tŷ Hafan supporters walking 10k steps every day for 30 days to raise money towards making a short life a full life for the families in Wales that need us.

It’s not always easy to keep motivated to get outside during the dreary January days, but walking is known to be incredibly beneficial for both your physical and mental wellbeing. And when you manage to reach the magic 10k mark, you can really start to feel these benefits.

10k steps for 30 days challenge

  • Improve your fitness and cardiovascular health in the most COVID secure way possible
  • Relax the mind and let the exercise-induced endorphins help you feel great
  • No need to break the bank getting kitted out with expensive exercise equipment

We are very lucky in Wales, there are loads of wonderful walks never too far away, but don’t feel the need to get blown off the top of Pen Y Fan or drenched by an errant wave while walking the coastal path. You can reach your step goal whatever way is suitable for you, whether that’s taking the long way home from the post office or leaving the car in the garage for the school run.

So we would like you, our lovely Tŷ Hafan supporter, to walk 10,000 steps every day for 30 days, and ask your friends, family, colleagues or anyone you can think of to sponsor you to complete the challenge.

You can sign up anytime during January as long as you complete the 30 days. Submit your evidence and you could be in with a chance to win a brand-new Fitbit – very handy when you wear out your old fitness tracker during this challenge!

Raise over £50 in sponsorship and you'll receive a free pair of Tŷ Hafan laces!

10k steps for 30 days challenge

And of course, we are with you every step of the way. So make sure you let us know you’re taking part and we’ll give you:

  • Some tips to reach your fundraising target
  • Ideas on how to hit those 10k steps
  • Ways to keep motivated on the more miserable days


Staying Safe

Whilst partaking in the challenge we encourage you to:

  • Follow current government covid guidelines 
  • Take care if using equipment such as treadmills
  • Wear footwear/clothing appropriate to the conditions of where you are walking/running
  • Use well lit routes if out at night, buddy up or alert someone to your whereabouts
  • Know your limits and seek advice from your GP if necessary before taking on the challenge
  • Keep hydrated, particularly if on a long walk or run
Sign up today and help Tŷ Hafan make sure a short life is a full life.

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