tŷ hafan short-break care,
providing vital respite for all the family.

Elain and Bridget

I remember fondly my family holidays as a child, now I get to re-live those memories with my son.

As the summer approaches, we pack our suitcases for our holidays and I feel extremely lucky, for our Tŷ Hafan families, they are packing theirs to come to us.

From the time of their child’s diagnosis, our families’ lives are instantly changed. Without us many families would never get a break. Our short-break care gives vital respite to each family member. We need your help so that we can deliver this critical support.

Every family deserves a holiday.

Parents often become full-time carers, their previous life they once had is no longer recognised.

They may become exhausted and emotionally drained, from the sleepless nights, constant worry and guilt towards not spending as much time with their other children. On top of this, there are sometimes financial stresses and practicality difficulties for caring for their life-limited child.

Our families have to endure all of this on a daily basis.


That is why Tŷ Hafan’s short-break care service is crucial.

Tŷ Hafan assists in temporarily alleviating these stresses and that’s why we are such a vital service. The relief families get from the short-break care goes beyond the full nights sleep, which in itself is a luxury they are rarely afforded. For the whole family it is a much-needed holiday. The day to day regimented routine of medication, school, transport, cooking and lack of sleep is gone for a week.

By the end of their stay parents are physically and emotionally in a much better place.

Just like Bridget’s family and the many others that we support a Tŷ Hafan holiday means alleviating stress, making memories and having time to properly switch off.

Thank you for caring,

Beth x

Head of Hospice Services


Bridget's Story

Elain and BridgetWith very limited family support, I couldn’t carry on being a 24/7 carer much longer without a break.

Thank goodness there was another option and thank goodness I found Tŷ Hafan.

My daughter Elain is eight years old and is big sister to Martha who is three. Elain has had a couple of stable years, but everyday life is hard.

She doesn’t sleep very well, so I very rarely have a full nights sleep. I’m always worrying that Elain is going to get ill, as if she even gets a common cold she can end up in hospital and it could be devastating.


Tŷ Hafan is our much-needed family holiday.

We have been going on holiday to Tŷ Hafan and using their fantastic services since Elain was one. Like most families the excitement of going on holiday for me and the girls starts when we are packing. It’s so ironic really that we live in the seaside town, Aberystwyth, yet Tŷ Hafan to us is our family holiday.

As soon as we get there we jump straight in the pool, I can’t get the girls out of the pool for the majority of the week. Elain loves the activities the staff put on and watching all the other children and Martha loves playing in the playground.

I don’t relax at all at home, so for me my week at Tŷ Hafan is my only break for what feels like such a long time.

What is really important for me is the time I get with my girls, I am more relaxed so I can actually enjoy the special moments.


A gift of £50 could pay for a memorable day trip to Barry Island. So a family can have some fun in the arcade and an ice cream together, whilst being supported by Tŷ Hafan staff, making the trip easier and more enjoyable for the whole family