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sue – volunteering for handcrafted by tŷ hafan

I have been volunteering for the Handcrafted by Tŷ Hafan project for almost 4 years and I have loved every minute of it!

The Handcrafted room was amazing, with fantastic views over the hospice grounds and Sully Island. Spending time in there, working on Handcrafted by Tŷ Hafan projects gave visitors a unique perspective on the hospice and the chance to learn about the invaluable work that goes on there.

And then Covid hit!!! Things had to change, but as ever, Penny, who leads the Handcrafted by Tŷ Hafan initiative, came up with a solution to keep the project going. Instead of going in once or twice a week, and working in the craft room, she organised a WhatsApp group for all of her "Crafty Ladies" as we called ourselves!

Pre-Covid, we would turn up to the craft room and get on with whatever was needed. For me, that was generally sewing. I could make anything from “woofachiefs”, doggy bow ties, dog beds, aprons and bags, to anything else Penny could imagine. A day in the workshop could also mean teaching people to use a sewing machine, especially if there were corporate visitors in for a volunteering

Now, it's all a bit different, but still as valuable and enjoyable. Since lockdown, I and the other volunteers have been working from home. The main thing I've been working on is masks. Some were for the hospice to use and others to be sold.

Now that we're able to, we meet once a week, usually on the viewing deck if it's not raining or in a coffee shop, so that we can pick up any fabric or supplies we need.

My grandson Harry stays at Tŷ Hafan occasionally for respite care. By volunteering it feels like I am helping to give something back for all the amazing work they do.

I miss the craft room and the other volunteers but it's still great to be in contact with Penny and the hospice. I'm lucky enough to have a sewing machine so I'm still able to make things at home, and hopefully we'll be able to get back in the craft room soon.

four handcrafted volunteers sat around a table filled with fabric sewing

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