Ty Hafan

keep it safe and legal

Great fundraising is all about raising money and being safe and legal. To make sure you do exactly that, please read the important information below. 

Ask for a letter of authority

It’s important that your potential supporters know that you are officially raising money for Tŷ Hafan, So you can do this, please contact us to receive a letter of authority.

Children under 16

We ask that children under 16 who are taking part in a fundraising event:

  • have the permission of a parent or guardian
  • are supervised when asking for and collecting sponsorship money
  • do not approach strangers by themselves
  • do not collect money from the public or go door to door to ask for sponsorship.

Health and safety

Please make sure that your event is organised safely and efficiently, and consider if you need insurance cover for it.

If your event involves the public in any way, you will need to make sure that you or the venue where your event is being held has public liability insurance.

Tŷ Hafan cannot accept any responsibility for your event or for anyone who participates in it.

Get permission

If you’re holding an event in a public place, you may need permission from your local authority. Contact your local council to find out more.

If you’re holding an event on private land or property, always make sure you have the permission of the owner or manager.

You will need a licence from your local authority for:

  • collecting money in public  – please contact us first if you intend to do this
  • selling alcohol
  • music and dancing
  • lotteries, for example, a raffle (see below).


There are quite a few strict and complex rules relating to raffles and lotteries. The main one is that you need a licence from your local authority, unless your raffle is run as part of another event, such as a quiz night or dinner.

However, if you do hold a raffle as part of another event:  

  • the sale and draw of tickets must take place during the event
  • tickets may only be sold to people attendiing the event
  • no more than £500 may be used to buy prizes
  • no more than £100 may be spent on costs
  • no cash prizes may be given.

Always remember that you can contact the licensing team of your local authority for further guidance.


Please make sure you get consent from anyone you take photos of at your event and that they are happy for their photo to feature in your communications and Tŷ Hafan’s, including on the internet.

For children under 18, consent must be obtained from their parents, guardians or carers. If you use a photo, do not include personal details such as a child's name and address.

For further advice on the use of photos, please contact us on 029 2053 2255 or complete our online contact form. Alternatively, read the Institute of Fundraising’s guidance on fundraising.

Sending us the money you raise

After your fundraising event or activity, please send us the money you raise as promptly as possible. We can then start to use it to support life-limited children, young people and their families.