Ty Hafan

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Since 1999, Tŷ Hafan has been looking after life-limited children, young people and their families, ensuring they make the most of every precious moment. Not only does Tŷ Hafan provide specialist palliative care, but we also offer a much-needed source of strength, support and short break care. We provide support to the whole family almost anywhere, whether it is at the hospice, their own home or in hospital. From diagnosis we journey with them and are there for as long as necessary. All this is completely free of charge for families in Wales that need us.

But quality care comes at a cost. Tŷ Hafan is not part of the health service and in 2019/20 received just 5% statutory funding towards more than £4.5 million needed to provide care and support to life-limited families in Wales. We need your help.


Tŷ Hafan Facts

  • Tŷ Hafan is the only children’s hospice in South Wales but its services are available throughout Wales and are free to any family that needs them.
  • Life-limited means that the child or young person is not expected to live beyond 18 years old.  We don't use the words “terminal”, “sick” or “ill”.
  • Tŷ Hafan provides specialist palliative care addressing the physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs of each member of the family.
  • The majority of Tŷ Hafan’s work is about “quality of life” rather than “end of life”. It is focused on “making the most of the time familes have together.”
  • Tŷ Hafan provides care for the whole family – from diagnosis we journey with them and are there for as long as they need us. Tŷ Hafan never stops caring for the bereaved.
  • Tŷ Hafan is not a hospital and is very different from an adult hospice.  A child and his/her family can be referred at the time of diagnosis with care and support being provided throughout the course of the child’s condition which can be for many years.
  • We provide support to the whole family almost anywhere, whether it's at the hospice, their own home or in hospital.
  • The children and young people who access Tŷ Hafan’s services suffer from a broad range of conditions, including rare genetic disorders, congenital abnormalities, progressive neurological conditions or even clusters of symptoms as yet undiagnosed. For example, it cares for children with irreversible organ failure; Cystic Fibrosis, Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, Battens Disease, Mucopolysoccaridosis, severe Cerebral Palsy and children with multiple disabilities.
  • Apart from short break care, Tŷ Hafan provides services such as Family Support, Complementary Therapy, Music Therapy and Outreach Play both within the hospice and in the family home.
  • It costs more than £4.5 million every year to provide Tŷ Hafan’s services to those families who need them. Over the years Tŷ Hafan has received limited income grants from Local Health Boards (LHB’s) and the Welsh Government towards those costs. For more information visit www.tyhafan.org/funding-facts/ 
  • The rest of Tŷ Hafan’s income is generated by public donations and fundraising - including community and corporate events, legacies – and its commercial activities such as its lottery and shops.