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we'd come to tŷ hafan for christmas every year if we could

ellie and hilary


Every Christmas is special for our family as it means we have had another year with our beautiful daughter, Ellie. But having a Christmas at Tŷ Hafan makes it more special than ever.

Ellie’s condition means we can’t leave the house very often because her temperature can drop, which is fatal for her. Apart from school and when we go to Tŷ Hafan, we have only taken Ellie out twice this year. So we spend a lot of time at home. Our house is very is small and we had to convert our lounge into Ellie’s bedroom to accommodate all of her medical equipment.

Christmas at home would just be like a normal day of medication, feeds and nurses in and out of the house.

The atmosphere at Tŷ Hafan is the complete opposite and it’s even more ramped up at Christmas. It’s so magical, there’s lots going on, there’s lots of space. We can all relax and let our hair down.

There’s so much support and the nurses are fantastic.

We have Christmas dinner around the table with other families. Ellie loves all the noise and the lovely staff. They all make a fuss and go out of their way to make it special for all the children and families.

Tŷ Hafan makes our family Christmas, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else on Christmas day.

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