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our new families’ gardening club and generation restoration

Today is World Environment Day and here at Tŷ Hafan we are committed to protecting and nurturing the natural world around us.
The United Nations, the organisation behind World Environment Day, is asking us all to join “Generation Restoration” and to reimagine, recreate and restore the natural world we not only live in, but which sustains us all.
We are very keen to play our part in this and our own contribution to “Generation Restoration” has started already with the pilot, last month of our very first “Families Gardening Club.”

This involved a collaboration between some of our hospice families and a couple of our regular garden volunteers, who all donated their time and energy to work together on improving our hospice grounds.

Roz weeding in the Tŷ Hafan garden

The parents who took part in this pilot decided they would like to spruce up the area approaching the main entrance to the hospice, as this is main focal point for families who arriving at our hospice. This particular area has looked rather tired for quite some time and with it being the first thing visitors see when entering the grounds, it was felt by everyone that this is a key area for nurturing and improvement.

Our hospice families, along with our wonderful volunteers Tracy and Roz, used their time to do an immense amount of weeding and clearing of the area around the roses and shrubs as well as clearing weeds from pathways. The impact of their work was immediately obvious and incredibly positive.

Gardening has an impact on everything around and within us, from supporting flora and fauna, to helping to increase our sense of wellbeing as individuals, to helping to minimizing our carbon footprints every day by growing our own fruit and veg and planting trees. Now, as we slowly emerge from lockdown and return to the “new normal”, our hospice grounds are beginning to look a lot healthier as well as more presentable, and this is all thanks to time and dedication our volunteers donate every single week.

If you have an area you can plant in at home in your own garden or living space, then why not take full advantage of it and improve your environmental impact by growing your own fruit and veg, or planting flowers to attract birds and insects, or even planting trees.

Better still – why not take part in a larger project and become a Hospice Garden Volunteer at Tŷ Hafan, where you can make a difference to not only the environment, but to the lives of life-limited children and their families, across Wales!


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