Ty Hafan

meet the characters

Keep an eye on this page as we reveal more spectacular characters in the lead up to the event....... 

Winter Princess's

These fearless and optimistic princess's will be twirling around the park - but don't worry, we'll make sure they don't turn the park into ice!


From a galaxy far far away

Get ready to enter a restricted area and be halted by the soldiers. Their white armor and bucket shaped helmets will glisten within the park; they are trained to only let those signed up to enter the run...... so make sure you salute them when you see them!


Can he spin a web?

This superhero will protect you against the villain's found within Singleton Park during the event. Spidey has a special place in a lot of people's hearts because he is a normal guy......... with the ability to spin a web! 

He is easily one of the funniest superheroes so he will be sure to make you giggle! 


The man of iron  

Not all superheroes wear capes, just this one wears machinery! This suit of armour will make sure he is safe from any villains on the day.

He is probably one of the smartest superheroes there is! Keep an eye out for him on route.... he might just show you his speed and movement. 


The Horned Witch and the Sleeping Princess 

Where there are superheroes there must always be villains. This mistress of Evil will be lurking within the park whilst the woodland creatures are hiding the sleeping princess.  

Make sure you hiss at the horned witch and admire the beauty of the sleeping princess. 


The Woman of Wonders

We're very excited to announce that the Woman of Wonders will be using her superhuman strength and the power of flight to fight any battles that may arise. This Amazonian princess will be in full suit with her plated bracelets, lasso of truth and golden tiara!

So make sure you show her your shield if you are a hero or be prepared for a fight if you are a villain.


The Muddy Puddle Pig

Join the muddy puddle pig on her adventures throughout the event village and make sure you high five, and oink with her.

She is sure to have all the children and adults giggling!


The Candlestick, Clock, Princess and Beast

A very famous candlestick, clock, princess and beast will "be our guest" at this event. 

Come and see if our princess can break the spell of the beast and turn him into Prince Charming. 


The Island Princess

Guess whose sailing in to Singleton Park for an adventurous time! During her journey she will encounter monsters but fear not as she has you to guide her in her quest.


Two Sweethearts

From the Clubhouse to the Character Chase, we welcome these sweethearts  to the event. These happy and funny mice love adventures and trying new things so you will be sure to see them at the 100m dash. 


The Night Heroes

Every child has some sort of superpower and they don't just have to put their P.Js on to discover it!  

This superhero team fight crime at night, solving mysteries and learning valuable lessons on all their adventures. They will be making a special appearance in the day for this brand new event. 



Meet Kevin, one of Gru's henchmen who is always causing mischief and mayhem. Although they mostly speak gibberish, make sure you say bello! 


The God of the Islands

This shapeshifting, once - mighty Demi god will be making an appearance and helping the Island Princess find her action packed way voyage to Singleton Park!


The Red Mermaid 

The Red Mermaid just wants to be part of this world and has managed to escape the evil sea witch for just one day, but don't worry , she hasn't given away her voice!


The Tower Princess  

This princess has managed to use her magical long locks to escape the tower she has been held captive in! Make sure you say hello as she has been through an adventure to get here. 



This strange phenomenon has taken the world by storm! You will usually find them as small little toys but they have come to life for this event - unfortunately you can't take them home but you can give them a huge hug.   


The Magical Pony   

This Magical Pony will be flying into the park with its coloured hair and beautiful wings.