Ty Hafan

#family friday

a grandad’s thank you

In November 2006 my daughter, Tegan gave birth to my wonderful granddaughter, Liorah. Tegan was only 18 when she had Liorah but she has been a mother-in-a-million.

grandad thank you

Beautiful Liorah was born with serious brain damage and suffers from fits and seizures. She is registered blind and is unable to talk or move unassisted. In short, she is totally dependent on my daughter for all of her needs.

Tegan manages on just four or five hours sleep each night because Liorah has to have medication at regular intervals to keep her alive.

But through everything, Tegan is always up-beat and positive, and always fights for Liorah to have the same experiences as any other seven-year-old girl.

Liorah was referred to Tŷ Hafan when she was three years old, and the team there have been a huge help not just to Liorah, but to Tegan as well. They are a wonderful team, and they are some of the very few people who we would trust to give Liorah the care and attention we think she deserves. I think my daughter is doing a wonderful job, but I can’t thank Tŷ Hafan enough for the support they give my family.

Thank you so much for making it possible.