Ty Hafan

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why we're running the cardiff half for tŷ hafan 

There are many reasons to run the Cardiff Half for Tŷ Hafan - whether it's in memory of a loved one, to push yourself to your limits or simply because you need somewhere to wear your suit of armour. In today's Family Friday, we introduce you to some of our Cardiff Half heroes...

Tudor Gwynn Jones - Cardiff


My name's Tudor (no joke) but you're more likely to recognise me as Sir Runalot. Last year I decided to set a world record for fastest half marathon wearing medieval armour. Why? I had a suit of armour and had never run a half marathon before (not totally sure I'd run since school other than to catch a bus) so it seemed like the natural thing to do. Unfortunately I was five minutes off but that just made me more determined than ever to set the record. 

I chose Tŷ Hafan after looking into the work they do and given that I am the noble Lord Sir Runalot of Roath (totally legitimate, ignore the Plantagenets) my duty was clear. Training is tough, I’ve been running 30 to 35 miles a week with the bulk of that in runs to the top of the Garth or Castell Coch but it will all be worth it with your support. If I'm victorious I plan to keep fundraising for Tŷ Hafan throughout next year and try for the full Marathon in armour in Denmark, where I hope to compete against the record of Peter Pedersen. Wish my knees and I luck, but mainly pay me your aid as is the duty of any honest and loyal subject to their local liege Lord.

Just Giving: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/tudor-jones


Gareth Jenkins (Tŷ Hafan staff) - Pontypridd

I decided to do the Cardiff Half as I have never been a fan of distance running and I am a firm believer in pushing yourself and stepping outside of your comfort zones. Next year I would like to get our families involved in running the Cardiff Half but I feel I cannot ask them to do something I haven’t already done and experienced myself. I can then offer them support from my own experience of doing it and ensure they have the appropriate support to train for it, as caring for a child with complex needs is very time and energy consuming.


Kevin Jones – Gibraltar

I’m looking forward to running the Cardiff Half and raising money for Tŷ Hafan. Twenty years ago our three-year-old son passed away so it's an obvious charity for me to support, plus the fact that they do an incredible job! Training is going ok though mostly on the treadmill due to runner’s knee. I managed two hours 11 seconds two years ago so hope to break it this time!


Lisa Williams – Pontyclun

Until a couple of months ago (and a very persuasive neighbour), running a 5k had never appealed to me, never mind running a half marathon. I had to buy a pair of trainers before I could start training – that’s how under-prepared I was! There was no decision to be made, as soon as I signed up I knew I was going to run in support of Tŷ Hafan.

I have been working for Tŷ Hafan for just over a year now and couldn’t think of a charity I wanted to support more; I’ve seen first-hand the difference the money makes to the children and their families who use Tŷ Hafan and the amount of support Tŷ Hafan provides is invaluable to most people.

A less commonly known fact about myself is I had a younger brother that had Downs Syndrome and heart problems who died back in 1995, before Tŷ Hafan had been founded. Had the charity been around then, the level of support my family and myself would have received would have been completely different. So for me, it’s being able to relate to the journey the families are on and being able to help as much as I can.

Lisa and IoanI’m trying to get out there running as much as possible, but as it's getting darker and colder, it is definitely getting harder to persuade myself to go. I’m considering giving myself a well-deserved six months off running after the half marathon until the spring. In regards to fundraising, it’s definitely helped me realise how hard it can be to gain sponsorship, especially when there’s so many people taking part in the Cardiff Half Marathon this year. But I have my Just Giving Page and my sponsor form and I will continue to ask everyone for the next few weeks as I’m determined to reach my target, on that note www.justgiving.com/fundraising/lisa-williams118

I am most looking forward to reaching mile nine to see the Tŷ Hafan cheer station to give me that well-needed boost and, of course, the finish line will most definitely be a highlight of the day! I am probably least looking forward to the last four miles of the route as I heard they are a real challenge and the wobbly legs post race.

A massive good luck to all my fellow Tŷ Hafan runners and anyone else taking part, and a shout out to my neighbour Katie for persuading me to take on what I hope will be the most rewarding challenge I’ve set myself yet.