Ty Hafan

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A gift from the gardeners

Pugh's garden centre staff


Each day at Tŷ Hafan is a special day. We provide a space with professional care and support, where children with life-limited conditions and their families can spend quality time together and create lasting memories. It costs us £11,787 every single day to provide our unique care and support to children with life-limiting conditions and their families. Pay for a day is a great opportunity for our supporters to pay for a whole day of care at Tŷ Hafan and make a difference to the lives of children with life-limiting conditions and their families. Last Christmas, Pugh's Garden Centre and its customers raised funds to pay for a day and staff from the business recently visited the hospice, to see just how their funds are being put to good use.

“Reflecting back on our visit to the wonderful Tŷ Hafan hospice today we can’t help but feel humbled. The incredibly warm-hearted staff and the idyllic setting of the hospice nurtures the same sense of magic as that which encompasses us all at Christmastime, which is when our partnership with Tŷ Hafan began.

It was no decision at all choosing to partner with Tŷ Hafan as our Christmas charity. Christmas is one of those unique times of year where no matter what your walk of life, everybody embraces the warmth, joy and magic of the festive period. We’ve always seen Christmas as a time to be able to offer something special to our community, where families can share a special experience and create memories to last a life time. Our wonderful customers were as over the moon as us to learn that we could work together through our Christmas experience to raise enough money to Pay for a Day at the Tŷ Hafan hospice. We chose the first day of spring as our Pay for A Day, to echo new beginnings, growth, positivity and hope, sentiments which bloom throughout the hospice.

Pugh's pay for a day

We were honoured during our visit today to be able to interact with one of the children’s therapy massage sessions which told the story of a sunflower growing from seed. It was heart-warming to see how something so simple, yet creative can have such a positive effect on the children. We were able to leave the centre having seen them relaxed, peaceful and content, which was simply magical.

Thank you Tŷ Hafan for having us along today and for your parting gift of some beautiful wheelchair art and a star petunia plant and thank you again to our customers who visited our Christmas experience and helped towards raising our total donation of £11,786. We are really excited to be coming back soon to carrying out gardening workshops for the siblings of the children who visit Tŷ Hafan.”