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brand new technology helps the garden grow

As our Summer appeal launch week draws to a close, the sun has come out again and the great outdoors is looking much more appealing. Time then, for a spot of gardening. Luckily, some of our fabulous volunteers were on hand to help out on our Memorial Garden project last week. 25 staff from construction and engineering company Costain spent two back breaking days digging beds, and priming and painting the garden’s wooden structures, as well as helping out brand new company Ultaponix with its ‘smart’ planting systems.

Mike Miles, of Ultraponix, explains:

"Ultraponix has designed a range of innovative ‘SmartPlantz’ products to help the WishFul Gardener consumer i.e. those who would love to grow their own flowers and food but are too busy, unable (or too lazy) to do so using conventional practices.


Ultraponix will be taking its ‘SmartPlantz’ product range to the national and international marketplace later this year. The products will be manufactured and marketed via a social enterprise structure to help create employment for those from disadvantaged backgrounds and to deliver profits to community development initiatives and good causes such as Ty Hafan.

Last week the SmartPlantz team worked with volunteers from Costain-Vinci to make some of the specially designed ‘Smart Planters’ that will provide beautiful flower displays across the Ty Hafan site and memorial gardens to provide uplifting colour for the Spring, Summer and Autumn seasons.

Ultraponix is also busy designing and installing an innovative ‘Living Foods Garden’ adjacent to the Ty Hafan kitchen to grow fresh vegetables for the restaurant on all year round basis.

As part of our pre-launch market research Ultraponix are asking for those consumers who see themselves a potential ‘Wishful Gardeners’ to give us their opinion on the SmartPlantz and Living Food product concept so we can incorporate suggestions and feedback into the final product and forthcoming website design layout.

If you would be prepared to help with the market research we would appreciate if you could contact Tŷ Hafan and we will copy you into pictures and information on our forthcoming SmartPlantz and Living Food product range concepts. There will also be an opportunity for a small number of WishFul gardeners to purchase some of our demonstration flower displays with all proceeds going to Ty Hafan".