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a gift to help mental well being

As part of their "Dedicated to..." series, creative story-tellers and developers of 'The Book of Beasties' have supplied Tŷ Hafan with mental well being resources for life-limited children and their siblings to help encourage emotional expression in families. Our Sibling Support Practitioner, Anna, tells us about the benefits of these fantastic resources that have been gifted to Tŷ Hafan.

Book of Beasties

We were so pleased to receive an email a couple of months ago regarding some free training surrounding a new mental well-being card game, but had no idea at the time the type of partnership we were about to develop!

Initially myself and my colleagues had thought that the resource would be useful for siblings of children currently using the service, but after meeting with Phil and Tom, the creators of 'The Book of Beasties', it became clear that this resource could be utilised in even more ways.

Phil and Tom were kind enough to provide Tŷ Hafan with free resources for the children after they picked the charity for their "Dedicated to..." series - and we're incredibly grateful for this.

Book of Beasties

The child-friendly card game is very engaging for the young people, often with them grasping the rules far more quickly than I do! I find that it is very flexible in the way it can be used and far from being useful only for current siblings, I could see it being a useful tool to promote emotional expression in families (it certainly worked when we used it as a team of staff), as well as current siblings, bereaved siblings and cognitively able life-limited children.

I have been using it in a 1:1 therapy situation and have found the emotional distance provided by the game and characters helps to remove the pressure of talking about themselves and their answers then provide a deeper insight into how they are feeling. The game is very flexible and can serve as a conservation starter and relationship builder, as well as a tool to help young people figure out what tools may support their own resilience, with adolescents using it to create their own mental health first aid kits using the comfort and action cards.

It's so well researched and the benefits are clear to see with young people, they relate to the characters so well - I cant wait to try it with groups of young people and discover new ways of using it as time goes by, especially now that Phil and Tom have created beautiful new Tŷ Hafan specific characters!

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