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#family friday

remembering siôn

Tŷ Hafan is a family and like any family, it extends far and wide. So many people from all over the country have such a strong connection to the charity and it’s this sense of support within our community that makes Tŷ Hafan what it is.

michael and sion


Siôn Mullane will always be part of Tŷ Hafan’s extended family thanks to his close friendship forged at Cubs with our very own Tom Martin who regular followers may know from his family’s help with our refurbishment campaign or his success as a Welsh Boccia international. Another of his best friends, Michael Rogers, came to Tŷ Hafan for many years too, so the charity always had a special hold on him.


In the words of Siôn’s mum, Delyth, he had a “great zest for life” that was sadly cut short due to his suffering with his mental health when he took his own life earlier this year.

His childhood friendship with Tom and Michael undoubtedly helped to develop his massive affinity with Tŷ Hafan and he has always been so passionate about the charity. He was a strong supporter of the work that the charity did for both the children and young people, as well as their families.

Siôn’s family and friends have donated in memory of Siôn and the proceeds were split and given to Mind and Tŷ Hafan, with Tŷ Hafan receiving over an incredible £4,000.

Delyth said: “Siôn would be so happy to know the great work was continuing and that friends and family had donated in his behalf.” She would very much like to thank everyone for their support for the charities that meant so much to her son and his extended family of friends.

sion and thomas

Tom had these lovely words to say about his friend: “Siôn was one of a kind, one of the good ones. There’s not many like him out there today, they are few and far between. Ever since we first met at Beavers and Cubs, he has always looked out for me. I have many memories of Siôn – our adventures at Cub camp, nights out, birthdays – but the main thing I will always remember is his warmth, kindness and generosity to others around him.”

Remembrance is at the heart of Tŷ Hafan and we know the importance of making your mark on this world, no matter the length of time you are here. Siôn embodied that spirit and left his mark on everyone who met him.

Michael’s family will always cherish their fond memories of Siôn:

“Siôn and Michael were partners in crime when they were little. From getting up to harmless mischief to entertaining us. There are some funny stories that could be told, but they are for another day.
sion and michael
“Siôn always wanted to make sure Michael was ok, especially when Michael eventually had to use a wheelchair full time. This made no difference to Siôn. Michael was his friend and Siôn always made sure that he was included. Michael loved Siôn for that. In fact, Michael just loved Siôn and thought of him as a cousin as much as a friend. Siôn had the biggest heart.”