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#family friday

we could never thank the Tŷ Hafan staff enough for all that they did for Finn and our family

Tomorrow is the start of International Brain Tumour Awareness Week. Here dad Lee McCabe shares the story of his son Finn, who was cared for by Tŷ Hafan after he was diagnosed with an incurable brain tumour at the age of 11.

In July of 2017 our 11-year-old son Finn was diagnosed with with DIPG (diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma) a rare and terminal brain tumour.

#family friday

We were given a prognosis of life expectancy of 9-12 months and we were told to take him home and make some memories.

As a family we were absolutely devastated.

After a few months of hospital appointments which Finn really didn’t like, we were given the opportunity to visit Tŷ Hafan  with a view to taking Finn there for his end-of-life care.

It was with trepidation that we went along not knowing what to expect, however from our very first visit the staff at Tŷ Hafan were friendly, welcoming and caring and they put any fears we may have had to bed almost immediately.

Over the course of Finn’s illness we visited Tŷ Hafan on a regular basis, even seeing his consultants there instead of travelling to hospital.

As Finn’s symptoms worsened we spent more and more time at Tŷ Hafan ,which we could do as a family without the constraints that hospitals put on visitor numbers. This meant Finn could have his three brothers with him when he needed them as well as his wider family. We were also given accommodation at the hospice so that we could all be together.

Finn passed away at Tŷ Hafan  in July of 2018 and the level of care and compassion shown to us as a family went way beyond any professional duty.

The staff at Tŷ Hafan are the most genuine caring people we have met and each individual perfectly placed, and so willing to give all they have, not only for the children but the entire family.

We could never thank the Tŷ Hafan staff enough for all that they did for Finn and our family.