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It’s Black Friday, the last pay day before Christmas. Did you know that, thanks to Handcrafted by Tŷ Hafan, you can buy locally produced, high quality, beautiful and affordable upcycled and recycled products with every sale supporting children with life-limiting conditions and their families in Wales? Here Penny Collins, from Handcrafted by Tŷ Hafan, explains more.

So, Handcrafted by Tŷ Hafan  is all about upcycling and repurposing materials, turning them into beautiful things to sell through the skills, time and energy of our wonderful volunteers, and then selling them online to make as much money as possible for Tŷ Hafan  as well as raising awareness of the work of the hospice.

We have an Etsy shop where we sell our products as high quality, affordable gifts and I am thrilled to say that we now have customers across the world.

#family friday

We ship to Australia, Mexico, America, Spain, Greece, Norway and Portgual as well as Wales and throughout the UK, of course.

Our best sellers are our cwtchy blankets for pets, as well as our dog lead holders. Our tote bags made out of vintage fabrics, and our repurposed denim bags made from old jeans, also do really well for us.

And just of late, one of our volunteers has made some bookmarks out of beaten copper. They sold out really quickly and she is making some more for us as I speak.

People buy from us for lots of reasons. Some are very loyal to Wales, wherever they might be living now and want to support Tŷ Hafan as a leading Welsh charity. Others buy simply because they love our products. We’ve even had one new customer who started buying from us because she loves Michael Sheen, our Ambassador!

Esty and being able to sell online has taken us to a completely new customer base, globally, and that works doubly well for us. As well as the money we make from sales, we also get to share our Tŷ Hafan  story with new people, because with each order we include information about Tŷ Hafan  and what we do.

So how do we do all this and where do we get our products from? Well, it is all down to the creativity, hard work and generosity of our amazing volunteers who make and donate all our products for us.

Currently we have 25 people currently making for us ranging in age from young students to grandmas in their 80s. Several are friends or family members of children who have benefitted, or who are currently benefitting from, the services of the hospice, while many others are people who don’t have a direct connection to Tŷ Hafan but who just want to support us.

I love the creativity of our volunteers! They are incredible, all of them working to turn one thing into something else. I love watching other people’s creativity flourish and I love it when I work with the families Tŷ Hafan supports. Not only that, arts and crafts are great for people’s wellbeing – they really relax as they create something and enjoy it. For people who have retired it gives them an opportunity to engage with something worthwhile.

#family friday

And for anybody of any age and at any stage in their lives it gives them an opportunity to find and use new interests and skills, to connect with existing friends and make new ones too.

Also I am very much looking forward to when we can come together at the hospice again in groups and work on Handcrafted by Tŷ Hafan  products together.

So when you are looking for unique Welsh products that not only look amazing, but are eco-friendly and support children with life-limiting conditions and their families in Wales, then please look no further than Handcrafted at Tŷ Hafan. Thank you for your support.

Visit our Etsy Shop today at https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/EmporiumTyHafan