Ty Hafan

#family friday

Seth meets the new King and the Queen Consort

"Hi, I'm Seth and I'm a member of the Welsh Youth Parliament. Last week I got to go to the Senedd and meet the King and the new Queen Consort.

"There were a few of us from the Youth Parliament there. and it was really nice to be able to see them in person, as we'd only been able to see each other by video link before.

"There was quite a lot of hanging around, and there was loads of security. It was really interesting to see all the guards and the security people - but it did make me a bit anxious about bombs!

"My dad was with me but wasn't able to meet the King and the Queen Consort. I was second to last in the line of Youth Parliament members, and as they got closer I got more and more nervous.

"When It was my turn, the King had to bend down to talk to me because I'm in a wheelchair. This I found really funny, as in all the photos he looks like he's bowing to me! He shook my hand and asked me if I was still in school.

"I was so nervous, I can't really remember a lot of what else he talked to me about. He was nice though - and smelled really expensive! Next, I met the Queen Consort and she was really nice too. She asked if I was bunking off school and said she "wouldn't tell" if I was. I said, "Thank you - there are billions of cameras looking at us though," and she laughed about that. She was just like any other granny to talk to. Only with quite a posh hat!

"I also got to talk to Mark Drakeford - and I didn't run over his toes!

"It was a fun thing to do and I'm a bit of history now. My mum has friends in America and Australia who said they'd seen me on the TV. I was proud to represent the Youth Parliament, Tŷ Hafan and also my school."

We say: ‘Well done Seth, you did us all very proud.'