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payroll giving

Payroll Giving (also known as Give As You Earn) is a simple way of regularly donating money straight through your salary and without having to give out any bank details.
It is a very tax-effective way of giving, as donations are deducted before tax so it will cost you 25% less. It is easy to set up and it helps Tŷ Hafan get regular income in a way that is also tax efficient for you and your colleagues.

How does it work?

It's a scheme run by your employer which allows you to make a charitable donation tax-free through your salary. You will make regular donations from your pay, after calculations of National Insurance contributions, but before deduction of Pay As You Earn tax.

For example, if an employee who pays basic rate tax (20%) pledges to donate £10 to Tŷ Hafan a month, only £8 would come out of your net salary. If the employee pays higher rate tax (40%), the cost would be £6 to donate £10 to the charity.

Pledge to
Tŷ Hafan

Cost to
@ 20% tax
Cost to
@ 40% tax
£5.00 £4.00 £3.00
£10.00 £8.00 £6.00
£15.00 £12.00 £9.00


What are the benefits?

  • It’s simple! Easy to set up and the donation is automatically taken every month.
  • Pay less to give more! It’s the only way to give that allows full tax relief on all donations.
  • You’re making a difference! It’s providing regular and reliable support for Tŷ Hafan.


What happens if I change jobs?

If you change jobs, your Payroll Giving scheme will stop automatically. Be sure to ask your new employer if they have a Payroll Giving system in place and you can start it back up in your new job.

What happens if I retire?

If you are looking to retire, make sure to check with your employer. Some employers run the scheme on pensions, so it could be a way to continue supporting Tŷ Hafan.

For more information on Payroll Giving for yourself or your organisation, please contact Lisa Williams on 029 2053 2283 or email lisa.williams@tyhafan.org.