Ty Hafan

practical support

community services

There may be times when you need support in the family home or at hospital. When faced with difficult decisions, we can help. 

We can provide comfort when you’re in hospital and accompany you at meetings to discuss your child’s needs. 

Do you feel it is a struggle to source the equipment and resources you need for your child? Are you looking for a school which caters for your child’s needs? Do you need more information about your entitlements and benefits? 

Our experts can point you in the right direction and support you along the way. 

“It was very apparent that the design and layout of a small family home was not a safe environment for Jordan so we campaigned for over a year to address their housing needs, by liaising with other services. Happily, the family now live in a three bedroomed spacious bungalow with a large enclosed garden and are extremely happy.  

Mum feels that, at last, she is able to slowly unwrap the cotton wool and allow Jordan the freedom of movement that seems to have released a spurt of mental and physical development,”

Shirley Valentino, a member of the family support team at Tŷ Hafan.


Our therapies do not focus on what your child cannot do, rather  we encourage your child to discover and develop what they can do.