please show your support this christmas to help families make the most of what precious time they have together

riley's story

It could be the most special gift you give this Christmas.

For Matthew and Kat hearing that their son Riley has an illness called interstitial lung disease, meaning it was very likely he would die in childhood, left them feeling completely alone.

“What’s helped is that Tŷ Hafan understands that every child has a life, short or long, and they celebrate that” said Kat.

"Meeting Santa for the first time might not sound like much to most parents but it was the most wonderful experience for us. Riley’s condition means it’s too dangerous to take him to see Santa at the shopping centre so when Tŷ Hafan arranged for Santa to come and visit Riley in person, bringing him his very own Christmas present, he was absolutely overcome with joy. He froze with excitement and his little face lit up, we will never forget that moment.”

"we’ve shared so many precious moments thanks to tŷ hafan, it’s these simple things that mean so much."

Kat - Riley's Mum


alice's story

When Hannah and Ian were told that their daughter Alice had hydranencephaly at their 20 week scan, meaning it was very likely their daughter would die in childhood, they felt like their world had fallen apart. All of their plans and hopes for their baby’s future were thrown into disarray.


On their first day at Tŷ Hafan Alice’s granddad had the chance to hold her for the first time. He hadn’t been able to give her a cwtch when she was in hospital, because she had been too poorly. Hannah said “As he cuddled his tiny granddaughter in his arms, he told us that his life felt complete. It was such a special moment for the whole family.”

your gift of £15 could pay for a family to have an hour of outreach play therapy to encourage families like alice and riley’s to interact and play together.


Please support us this Christmas. Thanks to Tŷ Hafan Alice and Riley’s short lives are being lived to the full but there are so many families with life-limited children in Wales who have to cope without this vital support. That’s why your gift today is so important.