“I’m sure she misses out sometimes. I’m always aware of that because they’re twins”

Most brothers and sisters compete for attention. But when parents are providing 24/7 care for a child with a life-limiting condition, the family dynamic changes.

Being the sibling of a life-limited child can be a lonely experience. While mums and dads do everything they can, siblings often feel resentful of the extra attention received by their brother or sister. This can quickly turn into guilt, as most siblings are mindful of the immense pressure the family is under.

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At Tŷ Hafan, we make sure that siblings don’t feel left out. Our range of therapeutic services gives them the chance to make friends with other children, to learn how to play and interact with their unwell brother or sister and someone to talk to when they need individual support.

The sibling coordinator keeps the diary full of fun events like games, cinema trips, bake-offs, arts ‘n’ crafts and outdoor activities like paintballing and rock climbing.

Siblings of life-limited children can be forced to grow up fast. We listen, give them support and encouragement. But, above all, we give them the chance to just be a child.


Please support our work and help us raise £39,972 for siblings of children with life limiting conditions to enjoy being a child. Your gift will make a real difference to the support we can offer.

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