welsh3peaks training

trainingAll participants should be aware that training is essential to achieve the basic fitness level required to complete this challenge safely, without injury. 

To increase your fitness level in preparation for the challenge, we recommend that you steadily build up to regular exercise regimes in your preferred disciplines: 



jogging Jogging is a form of running at a slow or leisurely pace. Jogging regularly can increase your fitness level whilst placing less stress on your body than running.

Try to build up to 30-40 minutes jogging three times a week.


swimmingRegular swimming is great for building cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength and endurance whilst placing minimal strain on muscles.

Try to build up to 30 minutes swimming two to three times a week


cyclingCycling is a practical aerobic activity that could be built in to your normal daily routine. Regular cycling builds muscular fitness as well as improving stamina

Try to build up to 30-60 minutes cycling two to three times a week - you may like to try cycling to work or to the shops!


walkingWalking is also an activity that could be built in to your normal daily routine. Take the stairs instead of a lift or introduce an evening walk to your lifestyle.

Try to build up to 60-90 minutes brisk walking during the week, and three to five hours at weekends

Mountain Terrains

Mountain terrainsTry to practice your walking on a mountain terrain in the lead up to the event. The Brecon Beacons provide an ideal platform to experience the environments that you will face during the challenge.


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