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"what a pawsome adventure we have all been on together! "

Snowdogs: Tails in Wales has captured the imagination of the region and brightened up the grey autumn days across Cardiff and the Vale. Read More


"we busked for 20 minutes - and raised enough for an hour of music therapy"

Father and son Steve and Rhys Lloyd picked up their guitars and braved the cold to support Tŷ Hafan. Read More

Faith and Teigan

""super sibs saved my girls""

When a child has a life-limiting condition, their parents need support. But what about their brothers and sisters? Read More

Rob and Poppy

"my single biggest achievement in my life"

When we arrived at Tŷ Hafan for the first time when Poppy was seven, we were exhausted and didn’t know what to expect. Read More


"artist spends a sunny day and starry night with snowdogs"

We met up with Starry Night co-designer Heather Penton as she arrived in Cardiff to follow the trail. Read More


""yn brofiad â’m hysbrydolodd yn fawr iawn - an inspirational experience""

Welcome to our first bilingual Family Friday blog. Read More


"getting dolled up for tŷ hafan"

It's not every day your CEO rocks up to work in a lilac ballgown.  Read More


"tŷ hafan is a happy place, full of laughter and fun"

When I tell people what job I do, they always make a face and say ‘I couldn’t do that’. I always have to explain that it’s not sad here, I love my job. Read More


""we started going to tŷ hafan last year and haven’t looked back""

When Alice was born at 34 weeks, the doctors delivered devastating news to her mum and dad – their newborn baby girl had just 20 minutes to live. Read More

JCP Solicitors

"my three big challenges for tŷ hafan"

I am used to taking on challenges in many forms – from the boardroom to the playroom! But nothing could have prepared me for the most physical challenge of my life.  Read More

family stories

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elain's story

Little Elain James was referred to Tŷ Hafan in January 2011. Elain was antenatally diagnosed with congenital heart disease, but it wasn’t until she was born that her family knew the full extent of her illness. Read More


alyssia's story

When Alyssia was four months old, her mum, Danielle, noticed she wasn’t developing like other babies her age. Read More


ellis' story

Whilst battling cancer as a baby, Ellis Smith from Cwmbran was diagnosed with neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1), a genetic condition causing benign tumours to grow inside the body. Read More


alice’s story

They were told the most devastating news any parent can hear – their unborn daughter had a condition that meant it was very likely she would die in childhood. Read More


callum's story

My name is Amie and my son, Callum, goes to  Tŷ Hafan. He loves it and so does the whole family. Read More


casey's story

Three-year-old Casey was born with severe brain damage following complications at birth. He has since been diagnosed with severe epilepsy, spasms, cortical visual impairment and evolving cerebral palsy. Read More


rhys' story

From spending time with his mates to playing video games or going bowling, outgoing Rhys loves nothing more than staying at Tŷ Hafan. Read More


willow’s story

Kelly and Damien Matthews were devastated when they were told their daughter may not survive her first few days due to a life-threatening condition called Central Hypoventilation.  Read More


olivia's story

12-year-old Olivia suffers from cerebral palsy, visual impairment and physical delay. Read More

archie watson

archie's story

We hit our first anniversary, Archie’s birthday on 6 September. It was a lot harder than we had expected. Read More


Thankyou to one of the ty hafan Dad's that donated 2 tickets to the hospice, to see Liverpool v Southampton the other week. It was a real privilege to bring Emily to watch Liverpool at home in Anfield. Just to see her little face full of amazement at the atmosphere was a special moment in itself. She loved every minute of it 😊😊 We both really enjoyed, Thankyou 💚💚😊 xxx

Here are just a few of our wonderful volunteers who have braved the cold and the snow to support our Snowdogs Wales Farewell Weekend and raise money for the hospice. We could not have done this without you lovely people. Thank you from all of us, the children and families. Let's hear it for the volunteers! 👏

We can't believe it's the last day of our Snowdogs Wales Farewell Weekend - only a few more hours left with our colourful canines! We've enjoyed meeting people from all over Wales, from different generations, communities and backgrounds - all joining together to support Ty Hafan.

What a pawsome adventure we have all been on together! Thanks everyone from all the staff & families at @tyhafan @SnowdogsWales #FamilyFriday http://bit.ly/2BOY19d

Amazing afternoon at the hospice with Cardiff Blues - thank you for making the children smile & laugh, for playing games with them - and letting them draw on your faces! Absolute stars, every one of you. Merry Christmas x ,

After being out in all weathers for Snowdogs WalesWales, Roodle's fur coat was looking a little lacklustre. But thanks to the hairdressing pros at Guy Christian at the Capitol, he's looking good as new, ready to strut like a mutt at our Farewell Weekend!

Christmas Season is well under way here at Tŷ Hafan with two fantastic (and utterly bonkers) pantomimes already in the books. We'd love it if you'd share your support for Tŷ Hafan this month by adding our frame to your profile picture. It's really easy, simply click the edit button on your profile picture, choose 'add frame' and search for Tŷ Hafan! That's it!

Thanks ITV Wales for visiting our new CEO - and Poppy's Dad - Rob Jones at the hospice and at home in Powys. As anyone can see from the film, our new CEO has a rare insight into the many ways Ty Hafan supports children and young people with life-limiting conditions and their families across Wales. Please donate whatever you can this Christmas and help us and Rob make sure a short life is a full life: https://www.tyhafan.org/donate/


RT So who bought a Snowdog? @tyhafan https://t.co/PUhAczUVlD

RT The fabulous Snowdogs have been auctioned off and they fetched some brilliant amounts for @tyhafan https://t.co/vvF3ldCZKV

Tonight's @SnowdogsWales auction is about to start - c'mon bidders, let's raise as much as we can for children & families who need our help

RT @SnowdogsWales @tyhafan Good luck with tonight's auction! Hope you raise lots of 💷 💷💷! Loved the trail and the fare… https://t.co/cRUR3fcEvY

RT Tonight is the night of the @SnowdogsWales #auction at the @CardiffMarriott 🙌🐕 Let's get these #snowdogs going to g… https://t.co/bopZjTFJnA

RT Official @SnowdogsWales shuffler at the Snow Dogs auction event tonight for @tyhafan at @CardiffMarriott https://t.co/OcqwrPjYFQ

RT Our bidders are taking their seats & there's a buzz of anticipation in the room. How much money will tonight raise for @tyhafan?

RT @SnowdogsWales @tyhafan Good luck! Hope you raise lots of money for @tyhafan - we've loved having @HusQuayMerdog on the Quayside 🐶

RT Come and bid for me - how much can we raise for @tyhafan @SnowdogsWales https://t.co/E4R881S75n