When people think of supporting Tŷ Hafan as a business, employee fundraising, donating or volunteering often spring to mind. Those are all brilliant options, but there is a wide variety of opportunities available to you that can help to raise money for Tŷ Hafan while fulfilling your needs as a business owner – especially when many of us are facing financial pressures.

Commercial Participator Agreements (also known as cause-related marketing) are a flexible and impactful way of raising money and awareness. This is where a set proportion of the money brought in from the sale of a particular product or service is donated to a charity.

How Corporate Participator Agreements work

  • You are an ice cream parlour business owner and you have decided to donate 20% of the revenue you earn from your popular mint chocolate chip ice cream to Tŷ Hafan
  • You put up a sign to let your customers know that whenever they purchase this flavour of ice cream, you will donate 20% to Tŷ Hafan
  • Your mint chocolate chip ice cream is £3.00 per scoop, and you sell 35 scoops every day in August
  • That would trigger a donation of £651 to Tŷ Hafan.

You can run your Commercial Participator Agreement for a limited time or long-term and you can donate a percentage from your revenue or from your profits. These agreements can increase your sales from socially conscious consumers, too.

A recent study has shown that 70% of shoppers will spend more money with a socially conscious business and 87% of shoppers will shop with a business that advocates for an issue that they care about.

Sinclair Group geared up its fundraising with a Commercial Participator Agreement. From January until March 2023, Sinclair Group, Wales’ biggest motor retail group, donated £10 from every used car sale to Tŷ Hafan. In that time, they raised a phenomenal £23,680.

Head of Strategic Development at Sinclair Group, Richard Seaward, explained: “Tŷ Hafan is renowned for the fantastic paediatric palliative care that they deliver to children and families. We’re proud to support them and hope that we can generate another sizeable donation for them to put to good use in caring for families in 2023.”

Your support can change lives

To find out more about the impact your business could make by creating a partnership with Tŷ Hafan, get in touch with our Corporate Partnerships Team at joinus@tyhafan.org.