How we support young people

We understand that what teenagers and young adults want and need is often very different from what younger children like and benefit from.

That’s why we’ve carefully developed a range of services and support to help them connect with each other, enjoy themselves and smash their goals.


Lots of fun activities

Throughout the year, we organise a range of events and activities for young people, at our hospice and in the community.

These events and activities help young people of similar ages and similar conditions have fun, make new friends and feel independent – away from their parents.

We also have a group for young people run by young people called The Squad. Group members regularly work together to organise face-to-face and online get togethers, as well as special events. In the past, these events have included cinema trips and a garden party in the grounds of our hospice.

Welcome to The Den

Opened in 2021 as part of our £1 million makeover, The Den is a friendly space in our hospice that’s been specially designed for young people to hang out in.

As well as featuring its own accessible kitchen and social and lounging area, it’s got a super smart gaming zone and state-of-the-art cinema room.

So, if you just want to catch up with friends, chill while playing PlayStation or watch a must-see movie, then head to The Den when you visit us at Tŷ Hafan. It really is a great place where you can simply be you.

I love The Den at Tŷ Hafan. It’s somewhere I can just go and hang out, play console games and pretend I am just like any other teenager, with no medical equipment surrounding me or well-meaning carers (or mum!) checking on me all the time.

- Brad

Say ‘Hello’ to Sophie

Sophie Knapp is our wonderful transition nurse. This means her role is dedicated to helping young people aged between 14 and 25 so their needs are met and they feel fully supported when they move to adult services.

She also stays in touch with all those young people who no longer come to stay at the hospice and offers ongoing contact and support and a range of social opportunities.

Sophie can help with a wide range of things, including health issues, school and higher education, becoming more independent and accessing supported housing. So, please contact Sophie on 02920 532200 or at sophie.knapp@tyhafan.org if you need a helping hand.

Other stuff we’re sure you’ll love

Hydrotherapy pool

Our state-of-the-art pool is equipped with speakers for music and disco and sensory lights, making it the perfect place for having a splash or relaxing.

Inclusive playground

Great for big kids as well as little kids, our specially adapted playground is an awesome place to have fun, chill out with friends or spend time with your family. It’s designed to meet the needs of all children and young people.

Super smart tech

You can use our assistive technology and equipment to explore new ways of doing things and expressing yourself. You’ll be amazed at what you can achieve!

Emotional support when you need it

We understand that sometimes you may struggle with difficult emotions or feel alone. At Tŷ Hafan, you can speak privately to one of our friendly team about your feelings and anything else you wish to talk about.

Just contact Sophie Knapp or our Family Support team on 02920 532200 to arrange a confidential, one-to-one session. Or email sophie.knapp@tyhafan.org or familysupport@tyhafan.org.

Make a smooth move to
adult services

Moving into the unfamiliar world of adult health and social care services may cause you some concerns. But don’t worry.

We have a dedicated service led by our transition nurse, Sophie Knapp, to help make this move as smooth as possible.

Working closely with you and your family, we’ll make sure you feel informed and supported at all times and get connected with all the services you need.

Here to help

If you have a question about or would like to use any of our services for young people, please contact Sophie Knapp or our Family Support team on 02920 532200, or email sophie.knapp@tyhafan.org or familysupport@tyhafan.org. They’ll get back to you as soon as possible.