Bereavement support

If your child dies, you’re likely to go through an intensely painful experience and struggle to return to normal life.

At Tŷ Hafan, our expert family support team can provide tailored support to you and your family to help you work through your grief in a way that’s right for you.

Bereavement support

How we can support you

Following the death of your child, you may not feel like sharing your thoughts and feelings, even with your own family and friends.

We want to let you know we’re here for you and your family members whenever you need us – days, weeks, even years after your loss.

We can work with your family to find the best way to work through your grief, which may be individually or in a group setting.

We offer our bereavement support for as long as you need it. We understand that grief is different for each person and there’s no right or wrong way to grieve.

Here to support you

If you’d like to find out more about or access any aspect of our practical support, please contact our family support team on 02920 532200 or at familysupport@tyhafan.org.

The bereavement support we’ve received has been absolutely fantastic. Team Ieuan has continued to provide invaluable support.

- Tracey

The memorial events are integral to our support and wellbeing and just remaining part of the hospice family means so much to us.

The knowledge that twice a year we can celebrate my child’s life amongst those who ‘get it’ is invaluable.

Remember your child

We understand your child will always be in your heart and that you may be looking for some special ways to remember them and the precious times you shared together.

This is why we offer families a range of ways to cherish their child and memories you’ll never forget.

Remembrance pebbles

You can have a special Hafan pebble carved with your child’s name. You can then take the pebble home or lay it in our beautiful memorial garden, which many bereaved families visit for quiet reflection. 

Personalised bird song

We have a special project called These Names Will be Forever in Our Skies. It gives you the opportunity to have a unique birdsong created for your child, which is played in our memorial garden. This song can also be downloaded to your phone so you can listen to it when you want.

Remembrance services

We hold a remembrance service at our hospice in the summer and a candle service at Christmas time. These services are events you can attend for however long you wish to follow the death of your child.

Book of memories

You are invited to add a personal tribute page to our Book of Memories, which is left open for visitors in the sanctuary area of our memorial garden.

Find out more  

For more information about remembering your child at Hafan, please contact our family support team on 02920 532200 or at familysupport@tyhafan.org

Get emotional support today

If you’d like to speak to someone about how you’re feeling, including any fears and concerns you may be experiencing, we can help.  

We have highly trained family support practitioners who have lots of experience listening to and supporting the parents of children with life-shortening illnesses.  

Call 02920 532200 or email familysupport@tyhafan.org to arrange to speak to a family support practitioner today. 

We’re in your corner

From sourcing equipment, to finding a school, to claiming financial help, we can provide you with expert practical support that makes things simpler and improves quality of life.

We can also liaise with other services and organisations to help your family navigate the complex health and social care systems.

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