Therapy and sensory play support

Our therapies and care professionals are focused on encouraging your child to discover and develop skills, focusing on what they can do not what they can’t.

Using specialist techniques, multisensory facilities and technology, we can help your child communicate, have fun and engage with the world around them.


Our therapies

We offer a range of therapies that can be tailored to the needs of your child. We’ll also make sure members of your family are involved in therapies in a way that’s right for them.



Our physiotherapist will assess your child’s needs at our hospice and provide valuable guidance and support to you and your family. They’ll work closely with your child’s community physiotherapy team too. At our hospice, we also have a hydrotherapy pool, which can lead to a range of benefits for some children and be great fun too.

Occupational therapy

Through activities, exercises and the use of equipment, our occupational therapist can help increase your child’s independence and improve their motor skills, eye-hand coordination, positioning and much more.

Complementary therapies

In homes, our hospice and the community, we offer complementary therapies to the children we care for and their family members. These include massage, reflexology and aromatherapy.

Music therapy

We use the unique qualities of music and rhythm to boost the development of your child and improve their quality of life. We offer music therapy at our hospice and in the community.

Specialist play

We use specialist play in a range of circumstances, including preparing children for hospital treatments. We offer this support in homes, our hospice, at hospitals and in the community.

Play therapy

We provide play therapy to children with life-shortening illnesses and siblings who are experiencing difficulties and need intensive emotional support. We mainly offer this support in schools, our hospice and community settings that are appropriate.

Fun and activities

Simply having fun and playing can lead to huge benefits for children and is great for making memories too. We can also provide play opportunities within the home, and at hospital. For older children, we have 'The Den', which has a gaming zone and cinema room.

Assistive technology

We have a range of state-of-the-art technologies that help a child to communicate and develop in many other ways. Our tech and equipment can make the impossible possible for children with complex needs.

Diane talks about Music therapy at Tŷ Hafan


Here to help

If you’d like to discuss or access any of our therapies, please contact our play and therapies team on 02920 532200 or at playandtherapiesteam@tyhafan.org.

Seeing Jacob giggling when flying through the air on a swing made us realise how much he had been missing out on. Our hearts were in our mouths, but he loved it.

- Sally

The hydrotherapy pool provides the perfect place for Rhys to truly relax. We often take Carys swimming, but we have not been able to swim all together, as a family, until now.

- Natalie

Mason loves music therapy. He often vocalises and sings along when Diane plays the piano or the flute. He has the biggest smile on his face, and it really helps him relax.

- Mason's grandmother

Get emotional support today

If you’d like to speak to someone about how you’re feeling, including any fears and concerns you may be experiencing, we can help.  

We have highly trained family support practitioners who have lots of experience listening to and supporting the parents of children with life-shortening illnesses.  

Call 02920 532200 or email familysupport@tyhafan.org to arrange to speak to a family support practitioner today. 

Other ways we support families

Crisis and emergency respite stays

There may be times when your child’s care needs are more complex and demanding or perhaps a family situation means you need some additional support. If this is the case, we will do our best to offer you a short respite stay.

Symptom Management

Our care professionals are highly experienced at managing pain and other symptoms experienced by children and young people. 

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Practical support and advocacy

We can provide you with expert Practical Support Symptom and Advocacy to make things simpler and improve your family’s quality of life.  

Bereavement support

We offer tailored bereavement support for however long it is needed. We understand that grief is different for everyone and can work with your family members to provide the right support for them.