Choosing to buy pre-loved items instead of brand new reduces landfill and CO2 emissions, all while keeping your wallet healthier and supporting a great cause.

That’s why we’re challenging you to do this year’s Christmas shopping – even just some of it! – in charity shops. And if you’re having a pre-Christmas clear out, we know how much our charity shops will appreciate your donations ahead of the busy retail season.

Taking on the challenge? We’d love to see your photos! You can share photos of what you’ve bought with us on social media by using the hashtag #shoptyhafan.

We have 19 Tŷ Hafan shops across Wales where you can buy quality pre-loved items at just a fraction of the price of buying new.

Our shops receive around 1,800 bags of donations each week and we’ve sold over 200,000 items of clothing, 17,000 pairs of shoes, and 14,000 handbags in the past year. That’s keeping 200,000 kg of clothing out of landfill in just a year!

But eco-friendly fashion isn’t just for Christmas time! This Sustainable Fashion Week, the Tŷ Hafan team hosted a Make and Mend workshop in the Penarth Tŷ Hafan store, teaching people how to repair and embellish old clothing, rather than binning them!

Find your nearest Tŷ Hafan shop, click here.