Sian Middleton is Tŷ Hafan’s Director of Nursing and Clinical Services. Here, on International Nurses Day 2023, she reflects on what makes nursing at Tŷ Hafan Children’s Hospice so very special.  

“Tŷ Hafan is a place like no other. Yes, there are many other incredible children’s hospices around the UK, but our reach across the whole of south Wales, and our location on the stunning Severn Estuary set Tŷ Hafan apart. 

“But those are just two of the reasons why those who are pursuing a career in paediatric nursing choose to come and work for us.  

“I hear so many of my friends and former colleagues in the NHS saying how frustrating it is that with all the pressures on the system at the moment, they as individuals simply are no longer able to provide the continuity of care and time to patients that they would like to.  

“All too often we hear the phrase “conveyor belt system” which is moving dedicated and caring nurses away from the very reason they went into nursing to begin with.   

“This is absolutely the opposite of what our nurses experience at Tŷ Hafan, where having the time and resource for all our nurses and care team members to really meet the needs of those we are caring for is hard-wired into the system.  

“Tŷ Hafan looks after its care staff in other ways too. Having opportunities to develop professionally is another aspect of working here which makes an enormous difference to the sense of job satisfaction and opportunity.

“We look out for our staff on every level making sure everyone gets regular breaks – and what better location to spend them than in our beautiful hospice gardens overlooking the sea. We can regularly hold our team meetings there too, making the most of every opportunity we can to get some fresh air and sunshine.  

“Very happily, there is no issue with parking at Tŷ Hafan either, with a free on-site safe car park for all.  

“But I think, for me, the thing that most makes nursing at Tŷ Hafan such an attractive prospect is the fact that the hospice prides itself on providing holistic care for the children with life-shortening conditions and their families who we support, both in our hospice in Sully and in homes and communities around Wales.  

“Many of the children – and their families – we work with have complex needs. It is part of Tŷ Hafan’s DNA that we provide holistic care for all members of the family, leading to better outcomes not only for those we care for, but for those who also do the caring.  

“So, as we reflect on International Nurses Day and all that nurses bring to society, I hope you will take time to also reflect on nursing at Tŷ Hafan, and what it means to the children and families we care for, and what it could mean to you.” 

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