Spotlight on… Jemma, our Neonatal Clinical Nurse Specialist

Jemma, Neonatal Clinical Nurse Specialist

In our last edition, we explained that we have seen an increase in referrals from Neonatal Intensive Care Units.

With medical advancements meaning that babies born very prematurely or with complex health conditions are living longer, along with the increasing awareness of the options when a baby comes to the end of their life, creating a new role specifically for palliative care support for babies at Tŷ Hafan was necessary.

Now, Jemma David has joined the Tŷ Hafan team in the new Neonatal Clinical Nurse Specialist role.

Working with babies can be very different to working with older children and teenagers, and this new role spans many areas. Jemma offers antenatal support to parents who find out that their baby’s future is uncertain during pregnancy and can attend appointments with them to help them better understand their baby’s health problems.

Jemma also helps with ‘parallel planning’, which is supporting families to consider what they want in place should their baby die, but also having a plan in place so that the family has the support they need to take their baby home if they do survive.

Jemma explained: “Tŷ Hafan provides more flexibility for families facing end-of-life care with their baby. As much as hospitals offer fantastic clinical care and support, it’s still a clinical environment.

“At Tŷ Hafan, quality time and memory making are a huge focus. Some families have taken their baby out to the gardens, overlooking the sea, to die in their arms in a peaceful setting – that kind of flexibility simply isn’t available elsewhere.”

Welcome to the team, Jemma.

Two key redevelopment projects commence

Hydrotherapy pool

Also in our last edition, we told you about our plans to redevelop our hydrotherapy pool and our sanctuary. We needed to secure funding for these projects, and we’re thrilled to tell you that we now have the money we need thanks to generous supporters!

Works on both projects have now started which means that, very soon, families will be able to use these much more accessible, state-of-the-art spaces.

Introducing…Family Support Volunteers

Debbie Allison, Family Support Volunteer Manager

Following funding from the Hodge Foundation, we have started introducing Family Support Volunteers as part of a pilot project in Swansea Bay and Neath Port Talbot.

These volunteers help out in the homes and communities of the families we support. They take on basic DIY tasks, shopping, driving and housework to relieve some of the pressure on families who already have a lot to deal with.

A key part of this project is Debbie Allison, our Family Support Volunteer Manager. Debbie explained: “Having well-trained, well-recruited volunteers in homes and communities can be really beneficial. It’s like a warm hug in the community, bringing a bit of Tŷ Hafan into the home to relieve pressure and social isolation.”

From one Board to another!

The Youth Board with the Board of Trustees and Executive Team

The Youth Board attended the Board of Trustees’ away day in November and it was a tremendous day.

The Trustees gave the Youth Board a series of topics to research, based on how Tŷ Hafan can be improved for young people. The Youth Board then presented their findings.

The young people delivered a confident and powerful presentation outlining their ideas and opinions on moving the organisation forward with bucket loads of passion. Their attitude and maturity were praised by all members of the Board.

Great work!