Door to Door and Private Site Fundraising

Everything you need to know about meeting our fundraisers.


About Face to Face Fundraising

Every year we need to raise around £5.2 million to run our world-class hospice in Wales and provide life-changing community services. To do this we fundraise in lots of different ways, from partnerships with local companies to fundraising events and everything in between. One of the ways we fundraise is by ‘Face to Face’ or ‘Door to Door’ fundraising.

Private site (at a static location such as a shopping centre) and Door to Door (when a fundraiser will knock at your door) fundraising allow us to meet people directly and talk to them about our work. It helps us engage with members of the public and raise awareness of the work that we do, as well as finding new supporters. We have found that supporters really value having a meaningful conversation with a human being, where they can ask questions and find out more information before making a decision about supporting Tŷ Hafan.

We follow guidelines set out by the Institute of Fundraising and are regulated by the Fundraising Regulator.

Fundraising regulator

Where we are this week

Week commencing 15th April 2024, you can find us Friday to Sunday at Lidl, Sway Road, Swansea, SA6 6JA.





What Covid safety measures are in place?
All fundraisers will respect personal space when engaging with members of the public. Door to door fundraisers will not enter a property and will conduct their conversation on the doorstep.  All handheld devices (used to sign up new supporters) will be disinfected before and after each use.
What times do you operate?
Our Face to Face fundraisers will operate in accordance with the business opening hours of the location they are in. For example, if they are in a shopping centre which opens 9am – 5pm that is the hours you can expect to see them. Our Door to Door fundraisers work between 9am and 8pm, however they will respect any ‘no cold callers’ notices and won’t knock on doors where those are displayed.
How do I know if fundraisers are genuine?
All Ty Hafan fundraisers will be wearing branded clothing and will carry an Identification Card confirming their name and unique ID number.  If you have a conversation and sign up for a regular gift you will also receive a ‘Thank You and Welcome’ pack displaying our logo, some information about the hospice, our registered charity number, next steps and details of what to do if you have changed your mind. If you have any concerns about a fundraiser please contact our friendly Supporter Care Team on 02920 532255. Our office hours are Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm.
Can I just give a one off donation instead?
Our fundraisers ask people to support us with a regular gift via direct debit, they are not authorised to accept any cash donations directly however if you would like to support in this way, you can donate here: Donate Today
Are fundraisers paid by the number of new supporters they sign up?
No, as part of our commitment to the Living Wage movement we are proud that our fundraisers earn not just the minimum wage but the real Living Wage.  Our fundraisers do not work on commission, nor do they receive bonuses or additional incentives based on the number of new supporters they sign up.
Why are Tŷ Hafan doing this type of fundraising?
We know that times are tough for everyone right now and we are incredibly grateful for the support we receive from the public, but in order for us to continue our services and reach all the families that need us we need to find more friends and supporters. Regular income means we can plan for the future, knowing we have a predictable source of income for the hospice.  We know that this type of fundraising will allow us to reach more people who want to support Tŷ Hafan, allowing us in turn to support families now and in the future.
Can I play the lottery instead?
Our Crackerjackpot Lottery is a fabulous way to support Tŷ Hafan, unfortunately our face to face and door to door fundraisers aren’t authorised to sign you up on the doorstep.  However if you would like to support in this way, click here: Sign up and play today
What happens if I change my mind or can’t afford to continue giving?
You are in full control of your donation at all times.  If you wish to pause your donation, reduce the amount or stop altogether just contact our friendly supporter care team on supportercare@tyhafan.org or give them a call on 02920 532255 and they’ll take care of everything for you.
Will I be bombarded with requests to give more money if I sign up?
Absolutely not! We appreciate and value those supporters who choose to give to us on a regular basis.  We will keep in touch from time to time about what’s going on at the hospice and thank you for your support.  We may reach out in times of need like our recent appeal to refurbish the hospice or at special times like Christmas but there is no obligation for you to give to these appeals.  You can also opt out of additional correspondence at any time.
How do I make a complaint?
We work very closely with our fundraisers to ensure that they have the highest standards when representing Ty Hafan.  However if for any reason they have fallen short then we absolutely want to know!  Please contact Supporter Care on supportercare@tyhafan.org or give them a call on 02920 532255 and they will look into the matter immediately.  Or if you would prefer to make your complaint in writing please write to: Supporter Care Tŷ Hafan Hayes Road Sully CF64 5XX Please see below our standards for complaint handling:
  • We will acknowledge your complaint within 2 working days of receipt. If additional information is needed to investigate and resolve the complaint it will be requested at this time.
  • We will investigate your complaint and respond fully within 5 working days.
  • If we cannot resolve your complaint within 5 working days, we will communicate the reason for the delay and update you on how matters are progressing. We will communicate with you every 5 working days until such time as the complaint is resolved.