Every week, our lottery players are entered into a draw for only £1 per play and have the chance to win big cash prizes. 

  • Rollover: Up to £12,000
  • 1st prize: £2,000
  • 2nd prize: 20 x £10
  • 3rd prize: 60 x £5

Mr. Chick, from Porthcawl, won a top prize of £2,000. He has supported Tŷ Hafan through our lottery for a long time and he explained to us what inspired him to sign up. 

“Having been involved with fostering for many years, I’ve always been conscious of the difficulties many families face because of their personal circumstances. It is the children who are likely to suffer in these situations and it is often fostering that provides necessary support,” Mr. Chick tells us. 

“Most parents become anxious when their child is ill but, for families with a child facing a life-shortening illness, there are particular family pressures. In similar way to fostering, access to meaningful, quality support without having the additional pressures of funding is all important.” 

Mr. Chick described the moment he found out that he’d won the top prize: “My first reaction was literally shock, as I had quite forgotten that this was a lottery!  

“When I opened the envelope to reveal the cheque, my next reaction was to not accept it because it was from a charity which relies very much on donations. However, Chris, who delivered the cheque, convinced me that I should accept it and put it to good use. 

“Initially, it was intended to help refurbish a bedroom but besides a small donation to Tŷ Hafan, I also made contributions to other charities I regularly support. It was also nearing Christmas and, understandably, my grandsons also benefited. Suffice to say it also did contribute towards our refurbishment plans.” 

Thank you for your generosity, Mr. Chick! 

To find out more about our lottery, how it plays a huge part in supporting Tŷ Hafan and to sign up, click here.