Mother’s Day can be especially challenging for those whose child, mother, grandmother or mother figure has died. This can be difficult to deal with, where for some ignoring the day altogether is an easier way out. 

If Mother’s Day is a challenging day for you because of bereavement, we understand. Below are some suggestions that we hope will make the day a little easier for you. 

Be kind to yourself  

Do what makes you feel good. You might love to go out for a nature walk or to meet up with friends and family. You might like to watch a film or cook your favourite meal. Make some time for yourself to help you feel calm. And if you would prefer to spend the day alone, that’s absolutely fine, too. 

Talk to someone about how you feel 

It can be helpful to share how you’re feeling with close friends or family, even if they’re not able to completely understand your emotions, rather than keeping those feelings inside.  

Talk about your loved one 

Many people who are bereaved find it comforting to talk about their loved one who has died. You might wish to share stories about their life or talk about your favourite things about that special person. 

Make a memory  

There are lots of things you can do to honour your loved one. Planting a tree or flowers, donating in their memory to a cause that they loved and lighting a candle are just some of the things you can do to remember the person you miss this Mother’s Day. 

Leave a dedication to your mother or mother figure 

The wonderful bereavement charity, Cruse, has a webpage where you can leave a message and photo in celebration of your mother, mother figure or child. You can submit your dedication here. 

Know that your feelings are okay – and normal 

On Mother’s Day, you might feel a whole range of emotions. You might feel happy at some points and upset at others. However you’re feeling, your emotions are normal and acceptable. 


We hope you can find some peace and comfort this Mother’s Day. 

To learn about how we can support the families of children in Wales that have sadly died, click here.