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chris holohan fundraising in memory

Chris Holohan’s Story

“When my friend Erin passed away, her family chose to support Tŷ Hafan, a cause close to their hearts. I really wanted to help and then the idea came to me to do a running challenge, in Erin’s Memory. Committing...
In Celebration Geraldine

Geraldine O’Sullivan’s Story

“When my fiancé Martin and I were planning our wedding day, like a lot of couples we already had everything we needed and so a traditional gift registry didn’t resonate with us. We decided we would rather our guests donate...

Mae Heidi yn rhedeg Hanner Marathon Caerdydd ar gyfer Tŷ Hafan er cof am ei nai, Matthew

Mae Heidi Perkins, ymgynghorydd perygl llifogydd o Fedwas, yn rhedeg Hanner Marathon Caerdydd ar gyfer Tŷ Hafan, er cof am ei nai Matthew a fu farw’n drist pan oedd ond yn saith wythnos oed. Ganed Matthew ym mis Gorffennaf 2023...
Twins appeal tile

Donate now and see your money doubled!

It’s 10am on Sunday November 26 and Tŷ Hafan’s ‘When Your World Stops. We’re There’ fundraising appeal is now live. Every penny donated between now and 10pm on Tuesday 28 November will be doubled in value thanks to match-funding.  Plus...